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What is XMPP/Jabber

XMPP is an instant messaging system for communicating and chatting with friends. Insofar it is exactly the same as WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram, having the same features and functions.
Technically there are some differences to those services, of which a normal user only has to understand a few.
The great advantage, however, is that XMPP is free, independant, private and secure. After all, there is no US, advertising, data collecting, tracking company involved.

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Sept 11, 2021

our Matrix server is up and running; will be publicly available soon

Sept 10, 2021

free registration NOW possible

Sept 2021 will be going online in september

May 2021

Going Public: free registration for our german XMPP service

March 2021

setting up the website, testing the service

Feb 2021

installation of the XMPP server

For international users

German language version

en: If you happen to speak german better than english, take a look at This is the original site we started this project with - in german language :-)

de: Falls ihr eher deutschsprachig unterwegs seid, besucht doch Das ist die eigentliche "Originalseite", mit der wir das Projekt gestartet haben - auf deutsch :-)